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Ripple + it's a small aromatherapy vapor izer. It is ideal for de-stressing, to accompany smoking cessation and nicotine withdrawal.

Relax, Boost, Dream, Power, Focus or Revive, the five formulations have been created from botanical blends perfectly heated by the small device to be inhaled in the form of steam. Without any buttons, the Ripple+ With no buttons, they offer about 400 uses and have been designed very simply to be practical and easily recyclable. They contain no vitamins or nicotine, only blends of naturally infused herbal combinations. Made in the UK, the Ripple+ are GMO free, pesticide free and completely natural

Discover the 5 different botanical blends of Ripple+


Peppermint flavouring - blend of ginseng and gingko biloba for a natural energy boost. Ripple Power is designed to revitalize and refresh the mind. 


Jasmine aroma - a blend of chamomile and soothing lemon bal m, Ripple Relax is a natural way to relax.


Lavender aroma - a blend of jujube seed and valerian flower, Ripple Dream is designed to soothe and brighten thoughts.


Lychee aroma - a blend of green tea and maca for a natural invigorating effect. The Ripple Boost is made to give you a boost during long days. 


Lemon flavour - a blend of ashwagandha and rhodiola extracts, it's the perfect flavour to invigorate you on a sunny summer day!


Eating flavor - a blend of bacopa and guarana extracts. This tropical blend is designed to enhance your mood and transport your senses to sunnier places.


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Customer Reviews

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Marie Comtesse
Yes but no

I should have thought before buying this product. It doesn't work by magic, there is a battery. And if the company offers to collect and recycle them, this is not the case with HappyOfficine which only mentions in the product description in bold "easily recyclable". Yes, but then? It's up to the consumer to find out. In short, the product tastes good, is pleasant to use and smells like greenwashing. Will this more frontal version of my first comment be published?

Frederique Miazza

Great product, completely different from all the "vapes" known on the market. In fact, it's not considered one.
Delicious flavours (Boost, Focus and Dream especially), super easy and pleasant to use!
A small downside is that it tends to dry out the throat if used too often/long.

Nadia Vouilloz

Very happy with my order
Delivered quickly, thank you

Vincent Vuille-dit-Bille
Very good product

Very good product, top design, easy to use.
The tastes and smells are fresh and very well chosen.
Perhaps one could criticize its price compared to its "disposable" side.
However, it works very well and keeps its promises.

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