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An organic food supplement based on nettle and horsetail that strengthens and tones the hair fibre.

For who?

Oily scalps and damaged, limp hair lacking in tone.

Why do we love him?

Compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding, MeAtelier Nubiormaid Hair is the perfect natural solution to prevent postpartum hair loss!

Organic food supplement

Mermaid hairAtelier Nubio is a prodigious concentrate of vitality for your dander (nails and hair) that draws its effectiveness from a 100% clean complex of organic plant extracts.

Rich in nettle, this organic food supplement for hair infuses the scalp with precious trace elements and amino acids to help regulate sebum production and fight against the appearance of dandruff. Thanks to its high silica content, horsetail boosts growth and combines with the anti-hair loss action of juniper hydrolate to promote healthy, full hair!

And to top it all off, the formula of On veut une cheveu de sirène is alcohol-free, with no added sugar and no preservatives!

Our tips for using On Veut Une Chevelure de Sirène d'Atelier Nubio

Every morning, drink a phial of We Want Mermaid Hair. You can drink it pure or diluted in a little water. 

Each box contains 20 ampoules of 10 ml, we recommend a duration of 2 months, that is 3 boxes.

Pregnant and Nursing Women : This supplement is compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding. This dietary supplement is not tested specifically on pregnant women because pregnant women do not lend themselves to product testing for obvious reasons.

Main material of the container : Glass

Ingredients per 10 mL: Aqueous plant extracts: stinging nettle* (urtica dioica, 800mg PES**), and horsetail* (Equisetum arvense, 45mg PES**), Freja TM (concentrated grape*, carrot*, and blueberry* juice). *Ingredients from organic farming. **EPS: equivalent dry plant

Complies with our selection charter "label 0ff - 100% Clean Beauty".

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I'm buying back!

I combine this treatment with the growth booster twice a year or so and each time I see the difference, my hair is healthier and grows radically faster (even faster if the treatment is done for 2 months in the autumn). I recommend these two products (I have very curly hair and I straighten it every day).

Sandra Miller
Promise kept!

We (my husband and I) are huge fans of this brand. We love all the products we have tried, without exception. My hair (fine, with roots that are rather greasy) is definitely more beautiful and vigorous after a treatment, it's incredible the difference. Of course it doesn't transform it into a thick mane (you're not ringing the right doorbell for miracles), but it gives it a good boost and it looks healthier and more beautiful in any case ... well, I don't do without it any more, a treatment twice a year and I've reconciled myself with my feather.

Déborah Emery
Very good product

After 3 weeks I can already see the results, my hair is more beautiful and softer to the touch. I am very happy with my purchase!


I must admit I was quite skeptical about the product and indeed I can't say noticing any hair grow after 3 weeks (not sure this is even possible), HOWEVER I did notice that my hair look definitely stronger and healthier. I would repurchase it and maybe do a 6 week cure :-)

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