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100% Clean
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A 100% organic oil balm that provides immediate and long-lasting relief from small, unpleasant irritations that can occur after sexual intercourse, occasional dryness or hormonal changes.

For who?

All our goddesses without exception! This gynaecologically and dermatologically tested care without essential oil will suit everyone.

Why do we love him?

Finally an intimate treatment you can count on! This gentle, natural and totally organic balm moisturizes and soothes the precious and sensitive vulva on a daily basis, for a well-being without compromise or taboo. It's about time!

Organic Intimate Balm

The first French organic balm dedicated to the care of women's most intimate area, Baûbo Balmsoothes and moisturizes the vulva from the very first application. Whether it's a hormonal change, stress, the aftermath of sexual intercourse, or a pair of slightly too tight jeans, the vulva is constantly under attack and often uncomfortable.


This very tender treatment combines a cocktail of soothing, softening and healing oils such as coconut, avocado and jojoba oil to deeply nourish and relieve this sensitive mucous membrane. An extract of calendula neutralizes irritations and inflammation, while unpurified beeswax, which is highly concentrated in vitamin A, gives this magical treatment moisturizing and protective properties that promise to strengthen and protect the skin in the long term.

Our advice for using Vulva Care Balm properly Baûbo

At the slightest irritation, apply a generous dab of BaûboBalm to the vulva and massage gently until the treatment penetrates. Repeat the application as often as necessary until the symptoms disappear completely.

Main material of the container : Glass

Coco*, Lawyer*, Jojoba*, Calendula*, Beeswax*

* Ingredients from Organic Farming

100% of the total ingredients are organically grown. 

Complies with our selection charter "label 0ff - 100% Clean Beauty".

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Perfect Intimacy Balm: immediate comfort and relief

Martin Francine

This balm was also recommended to me by my physio and indeed I am very happy with it! It brings a lot of comfort and relief!

Great product

Recommended to me by a physiotherapist who follows me for vaginal and vulvar pain. All natural and very effective, changed my life and my comfort in this area overnight!


Finally a natural product... and above all, an effective one!
Recurrent and very very unpleasant irritation problems, without medical cause... None of the solutions proposed by the gynaecologist had any effect...
Searching for the miracle product for the umpteenth time on the internet, without believing it, I came across this site and this product...
Quickly ordered, quickly received, quickly tried, and very quickly convinced !
A real care... What a relief!
Currently I use it daily.
Top, I recommend it!!

the useful balm that makes you laugh :)

If there's one product I never thought I'd need, this is it.
The day Aline told me about it at the shop, I admit I had a good laugh.
And there came a day when I didn't feel like laughing anymore ahahah it was the day I came back from my daily jogging with pain ... the ... hummm.... I had a kind of "crevice" very badly placed... and I remembered this balm and my joke at the shop... I ordered it ... and now everything is fine :)

Fortunately, this kind of thing rarely happens happily yet, so I use it for a lot of other places where it rubs or irritates and it's TOP.

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