The complete routine for sensitive skin

All skin types can be "Sensitive" including oily or mature skin. To take care of this state of skin that can't tolerate anything; we need to nourish our skin with gentle products to restore its hydrolipidic film, meditate to counteract stress and protect ourselves from environmental factors (sun, pollution, limescale, etc.).

What's the first thing you do? Avoid using water and exfoliating scrubs, which are far too traumatic for sensitive skin.

The rules are: We add hyaluronic acid and fatty acids to our daily routine, and instead of tap water we use a mist in the morning and evening. The little extra that will change everything? Add a niacinamid-based skin care product to strengthen the skin barrier and soothe all minor irritations.

Double cleansing

A daily double cleansing is the basis of a good skin care routine and the key to a clean and radiant complexion. In the evening, to get rid of sunscreen debris, make-up and particles of pollution, an initial cleansing is carried out using a gentle but highly effective make-up remover oil, which preserves the precious natural oils of the epidermis and thus protects the often compromised skin barrier of sensitive and reactive skin. For a second cleansing, anything goes! You can repeat the same operation with the same oil, opt for a creamy milk or even a moisturizing gel.

A mist

Because slightly damp skin absorbs the skin care products applied to it infinitely better, a post-cleaning moisturizing mist makes all the difference. To relieve sensitive skin and limit the risk of inflammation of all kinds, we opt for a formula based on colloidal silver that is naturally antibacterial and is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that will help regulate and strengthen the skin's flora.

A serum

The heart of any skincare routine, serums are the most concentrated in active ingredients and penetrate deeply into the epidermis thanks to their ultra-fine aqueous formula. To soothe all the minor skin discomforts and tame the chronic inflammation of the most fragile skins, we rely on niacinamide, the best ally for sensitive skins. This vitamin B derivative neutralizes irritations and also restores, then strengthens, the protective skin barrier of the epidermis whose imbalance is at the heart of the misadventures of sensitive skin.

An eye contour

The skin around the eyes is considerably thinner than the rest of the face and therefore deserves special attention. To prevent fine expression lines and intensely moisturize this fragile area, we opt for a cream treatment that is gently patted on with fingertips for an invigorating express massage. Whatever happens, never go beyond your orbital bone during application to avoid the risk of the slightest migration of product into the mucous membrane that could cause irritation.

Moisturizing care

For the main course, a moisturizing cream rich in restructuring hyaluronic acid and protective ceramides is chosen to support the function of its hydrolipidic barrier. To reconquer your ultra-sensitive skin, show your white paw and leave aside perfumed care products that are too sophisticated to concentrate on the essentials and risk no further irritation.

Sun protection

Absolutely essential is the daily use of a sunscreen, regardless of the weather forecast. It is the most important step to prevent premature aging of the skin and to protect against skin cancers which are becoming more prevalent.

A mask

When things go wrong, you put everything on your favourite mask and apply a thick layer as often as necessary. The best allies of reactive skin? Honey, shea butter and marigold flower work in synergy to relieve redness, irritation and unbearable tightness in the blink of an eye.

An exfoliant

In order not to risk upsetting an already considerably discontented skin, we leave our traditional physical scrubs aside and opt for an exfoliant based on enzymes and fruit acids that is as gentle as it is effective. Once the storm has passed, we gradually reintroduce hybrid products combining physical and chemical exfoliation that are used sparingly, once a week at most.

A night care

To support the cell renewal process that occurs naturally as soon as you sink into the arms of Morpheus, we opt for a moisturizing cream rich in protective ceramides and nourishing fats without being occlusive to rebuild or strengthen the skin barrier little by little.

The little extras that make all the difference

In order to definitively overcome the repeated reactions of his sensitive skin and to restore the natural balance of his epidermis, he is offered an intensive fitness programme with the help of internal and cutaneous cures concentrated in anti-inflammatory agents that are combined for optimal results.

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