The complete routine for dry skin

Dry skin has an imperative need for oil and water to regain comfort and suppleness. It is important to bring nutrition to each small cell and take care of its protective film.

You have dry skin if it is rough, feels too tight, pulls or scratches and creates redness. Your best allies - a moisturizing serum, an oil and/or a day cream and above all, tenderness!

Our selection for dry skin will provide hydration, radiance and nutrients; for a smooth, comfortable skin, and especially a respected hydrolipidic film.

Double cleansing

A daily double cleansing, is the basis of a good skin care routine and the key to a clean and radiant complexion. In the evening, to get rid of sunscreen debris, make-up and pollution particles; the first cleansing is carried out using a gentle but ultra-effective oil make-up remover which preserves the precious natural oils in the epidermis, and will never endanger the driest of skins. For the second cleansing, whatever takes your fancy; you can repeat the same process, with the same oil or opt for a cleansing milk or even a moisturizing gel.

A mist

A post-cleaning moisturizing mist makes all the difference because slightly damp skin absorbs skin care products infinitely better. For an extra dose of comfort, opt for an ultra-nourishing and moisturizing formula; concentrated in beneficial essential oil extracts.

A serum

Serums are the heart of any skincare routine; they are the most concentrated in active ingredients and penetrate deep into the epidermis, thanks to their ultra-fine aqueous formula. To deeply moisturize the epidermis and instantly erase all the fine expression lines; you should use a hyaluronic acid serum which must be combined with your favourite moisturizing cream to prevent chronic dehydration.

Followed by...

To gradually restore the natural elasticity of the epidermis and prevent instances of uncomfortable dry skin, a concentrated boost of essential fatty acids is introduced to provide immediate relief to the skin.

An eye contour

The skin around the eyes is considerably thinner than the rest of the face and therefore deserves special attention. To prevent fine expression lines, combat puffiness and dark circles we opt for a serum in the form of a roller that can be gently applied. Keep in the refrigerator for an even more impressive decongestant effect! If you opt for a cream treatment, gently pat it on with your fingertips for a quick invigorating massage.

A moisturizing cream

For the main event, a moisturizing cream rich in restructuring ceramides, nourishing fats and protective active antioxidants is chosen to prevent the unpleasant peeling of skin often associated with dry skin, but also to gradually strengthen the compromised skin barriers.

Sun protection

Absolutely essential is the daily use of a sunscreen, regardless of the weather forecast. It is the most important step to prevent premature aging of the skin and to protect against skin cancers which are becoming more prevalent.

A mask

Once or twice a week, take a well-deserved, well-being break. According to your needs at the time, apply your favourite moisturizing, detoxifying or energizing mask - Ready, set, go!

An exfoliation

Once a week, we should get rid of the small dead skin cells. Over time they accumulate and prevent our skin care products from penetrating as they should. Thanks to a gentle physical scrub, it smoothes the skin texture without irritating it.

A night care

To support the process of renewal and repair of our skins cells, which takes place at night, we turn to the best ally for dry skin: oils! Before sinking into the arms of Morpheus, we make sure our skin is slightly moistened before applying a nourishing skincare oil that we gently press on in an upwards motion, on the whole face, neck and décolleté.

The little extras that make all the difference

Our skin is the last organ to benefit from the nutrients ingested daily; often leaving it deficient. To overcome chronically dry skin, we treat the problem from the inside with food supplements based on borage and evening primrose oils that will intensely nourish all our precious cells and give a real boost to tired skin.

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