The Complete Routine for Acneic Skin

Stop preconceived ideas, acne-prone skin and/or young skin should not be dried out or soaped! To keep skin supple, pleasant and minimize inflammation, we rely on softness and magic oils that know how to take care of the most recalcitrant skins while preserving their main protection, the hydrolipidic film composed of sebum.

Indeed, stripping your skin means destroying this precious film that prevents bacteria from proliferating on the surface of the skin, bacteria responsible for the formation of pimples. Deprived of its protective film, the skin will tend to defend itself by producing even more sebum. Long live the infernal circle!

Young or acne-prone skin should also not overlook hydration, because even oily or acne-prone skin needs water. In addition, hydration can help healing and restore an even complexion.

The basic rules of good skin:

Gently cleanse your skin with an oil such as Jojoba oil, which regulates oily skin while providing suppleness to young and acne-prone skin.

Avoid gels and micellar water that are too aggressive for acneic skin.

Let the skin breathe and if possible do not use foundation or other false friends that correct the complexion without treating it and increase bacterial proliferation.

Always take your makeup off.

Always moisturize your skin.

Always protect your skin from the sun's rays with SPF 30.

Do not touch your skin or put your hands on your face.

Calm down on sugar, one of the main causes of skin inflammation!

Finally, if the pimples persist in your ladies, a little visit to the gynaecologist can put everything back in order.

Indeed, acne is very often linked to a hormonal imbalance. Do you have pimples mainly located on the chin? Your hormones may be playing tricks on you!

Double cleansing

A daily double cleansing is the basis of a good skin care routine and the key to a clean and radiant complexion. In the evening, to get rid of sunscreen debris, make-up and pollution particles, an initial cleansing is carried out using a gentle but ultra-effective make-up remover oil, which cleanses the epidermis in depth without aggressing it or removing its precious natural oils excessively. For a second cleansing, anything goes! You can repeat the same operation with the same oil, opt for a creamy milk or even a moisturizing gel. Whatever happens, you can do without ultra-drying foaming soaps, which contribute to the excess sebum production of oily skin and thus to the formation of imperfections.

A mist

Because slightly damp skin absorbs the skin care products applied to it infinitely better, a post-cleaning moisturizing mist makes all the difference. To soothe irritations and heal imperfections, we opt for a formula rich in naturally antibacterial colloidal silver that will gradually regulate the skin's flora, but also in harmonizing rose hip.

A serum

The heart of any skincare routine, serums are the most concentrated in active ingredients and penetrate deeply into the epidermis thanks to their ultra-fine aqueous formula. The essential ingredients for acne-prone skin instances? Antiseptic and lightly exfoliating willow bark and anti-inflammatory niacinamide.

An eye contour

The skin around the eyes is considerably thinner than the rest of the face and therefore deserves special attention. To prevent fine expression lines, combat puffiness and dark circles we opt for a serum in the form of a roller that can be gently applied. Keep in the refrigerator for an even more impressive decongestant effect! If you opt for a cream treatment, gently pat it on with your fingertips for a quick invigorating massage.

Moisturizing care

For the main course, we choose a moisturizing cream rich in restructuring hyaluronic acid and purifying and anti-inflammatory active ingredients that support the function of the precious hydrolipidic barrier of the epidermis. To soothe acne-prone skin, one should not overlook one's moisturizing care so as not to encourage it to produce more sebum and to avoid drying out imperfections that would leave nasty scars behind. For optimal comfort, opt for light, non-greasy formulas that will deeply moisturize the skin without suffocating it.

Sun protection

Absolutely essential is the daily use of a sunscreen, regardless of the weather forecast. It is the most important step to prevent premature aging of the skin and to protect against skin cancers which are becoming more prevalent.

A mask

When nothing goes wrong anymore, you bet it all on your favourite detoxifying and rebalancing mask that you apply twice a week on the whole face, or just on those small areas that are more problematic than others for a tailor-made treatment. To absorb excess sebum, treat and prevent imperfections and harmonize instances of combination skin and acne, we turn to treatments based on purifying clay and soothing, antibacterial honey.

An exfoliant

In order not to risk upsetting an already considerably discontented skin, we leave our traditional physical scrubs aside and opt for an exfoliant based on enzymes and fruit acids that is as gentle as it is effective. Once the storm has passed, we gradually reintroduce hybrid products combining physical and chemical exfoliation that are used sparingly, once a week at most.

A night care

To support the cell renewal process that occurs naturally at night, we turn to one of the best unsuspected allies of combination skin: dry oils! Non-occlusive dry oils protect the epidermis from the dehydration phenomena that deplete it and strengthen the protective hydrolipidic barrier often compromised by instances of combination skin and acne, in order to gradually rebalance them but also to limit the risk of scars that often accompany the treatment of pimples.

The little extras that make all the difference

To leave nothing to chance, we offer an intensive program of fitness to your skin with a cure concentrated in anti-inflammatory and cleansing agents such as micronized silver and centella asiatica that will restore the skin flora of the epidermis and prevent the appearance of new pimples.

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