Going nude

The prettiest new makeup products for a timeless look

As summer begins to take hold, there is no question of wasting precious minutes in the bathroom under the sun!

To enhance your tan, or to imitate its effects if you are really very wise and choose not to expose yourself, we have selected our best makeup nuggets to adopt absolutely for the summer season!

What's on the agenda?

Light textures, timelessly flattering neutrals and plenty of glow.

A flawless complexion with the look of nothing

Whether you're a foundation fan or not, summer and its many muy caliente outdoor activities don't lend themselves particularly well to high-coverage textures that can be a little stifling.

If our complexion has small irregularities that we would still like to hide subtly, we opt for hybrid moisturising and perfecting tinted serums like the magical Super Serum Skin Tint Ilia.

To brighten up the eyes after nights that are a little too short, or to tame naturally very marked dark circles, we slip a peachy corrector like the Absolution Multi Corrector just where it's needed, generally in the inner corner of the eye where the vessels are most visible, and there you have it!

A goddess glow in two steps

To bring a lot of radiance to the complexion without turning into a disco ball, we opt for an illuminating base that we slip under our tinted moisturizer for an ultra glamorous effect, or that we mix with our foundation for more subtle but equally flattering touches of light.

The new Master Radiance RMS base blends perfectly with our favourite tinted creams, and we also love to gently apply it to the top of the cheekbones and under the brow bone for extra definition.

For the tanning, we imitate her dreamy tan with NightLite Bronzing Powder Ilia, which we apply to all the areas that the sun naturally warms up, such as our forehead, brow bone, cheekbones and nose, not forgetting our décolletage!

For a harmonious and easy to achieve look, we also apply some of this bronzing powder on our eyelids.

Naturally enhanced lips

As for the lips, we preciously reserve our prettiest high-maintenance reds for our most festive evenings and opt for a lot of comfort the rest of the time in order to protect the particularly fine and sensitive skin of our lips.

Our current favourite? The Multifunction Balm Olio E Osso in a universally flattering special edition apricot shade.

If our lips are particularly dry, we alternate with an ultra-nourishing mask like the Ilia Lip Wrap, which we also apply before going to bed.