Supplements that protect us from the inside

It can never be said enough: to feel great and to keep your skin in tip-top shape, it is essential to adopt a holistic approach.

Scrupulously applying your favourite magic potions every day is a great first step, but combining these tender gestures with a balanced diet, daily physical activity and general mindfulness is even better.

While no one is perfect (including us!) and cooking fresh, seasonal food is not always possible, some food supplements are valuable allies when it comes to ensuring that your body gets all the nutrients it needs.

Since summer is back in full force, the most urgent thing right now is to protect our skin - and our bodies - from the euphoric but sometimes harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as from the consequences of repeated trips on public transport, dehydration and the little excesses that escape us despite all our good intentions.

A must for healthy skin!

If we had to choose one formula to adopt for life, it would be the Combeau Essential Skin.

Why? Because it is the most universal, the most irreproachable and by far one of the most effective.

This cutting-edge biotechnology formula combines seven super-ingredients that work hand in hand to neutralise all the little internal and external imbalances such as inflammation, oxidation and stress that compromise our skin and our well-being on a daily basis, all without the slightest ecological compromise.

Its rare omega 7 content acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory that will quickly soothe the redness and burns associated with sunburn, while an extract of red algae concentrated in astaxanthin, the superstar of antioxidants, protects the skin from free radicals and UVs.

When digestion goes, everything goes!

Whether you're lucky enough to get away for a few days on holiday, or enjoy exploring new places close to home, there's every chance that the coming summer weeks will be full of twists and turns!

Among them, a diet that is often very different from the one we are used to, small excesses of alcohol, and greater exposure to the microbes that litter public transport.

The solution, of course, is to make sure that we support our gut microbiota by providing a reliable source of probiotics on a daily basis to optimise our digestion and strengthen the weakened walls of our immune system.

The Inners Protector, in its lovely sprinkle format, is just the thing to accompany us wherever the wind takes us! And if possible, we try to make the most of the abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables that Mother Nature generously offers us during this sunny season.

Conscious tanning

Let's face it, in an anti-ageing approach that seeks to preserve the natural beauty of the skin for as long as possible, the sun is definitely enemy number 1.

Hiding your pretty skin under sunscreen, glasses and a hat are the smartest things to do, especially in the middle of summer.

That said, it is only natural to give in to the urge to enjoy the sun from time to time. UV rays are bad for our skin, but they also help us to better synthesise vitamin D (which is actually a hormone) and boost our secretion of dopamine and serotonin, thus putting a smile on our face.

If you like to tan, it is best to be responsible and not expose yourself during the hottest hours of the day (between 10am and 2pm), reapply your sun cream regularly and drink enough water.

For the rest, and to enjoy a beautiful tan for as long as possible, it is ideal to fill up on beta-carotene, copper and selenium to support our melanin production and encourage an even, golden tan, as well as a little natural glow even without the sun!

Our favourites?

The new Day Plus Aloha Prepare, which you can treat yourself to even when you are already on holiday, or the very effective On Veut Un Bronzage Sublime Nubio .