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SOS effortless tanning

We won't lie to ourselves: with the sun being shy in Switzerland this summer, every ray was good to take (always under high protection, applied regularly ;)!

And for the lucky ones who have been able to bask in the warm sand of Italy or Greece, you will want to keep your beautiful tan for as long as possible.

And it makes sense! A few weeks ago, we talked to you about preparing your tan for the sun with an unstoppable weapon for your skin: the scrub.

Today, we're going to help you keep your pretty caramel skin as long as possible.


Tanning cream - RMS Beauty

This organic tanning cream intelligently enhances the complexion of all skin tones, from light to dark, in a natural way.

Composed of beta-carotene, vitamin A and buriti oil, its creamy texture melts directly onto the skin, leaving a slightly satiny finish.

Apply a small amount to the bulging areas of the face to maintain your summer tan or to create a new one... A stunning effect is guaranteed! 


The food supplement Day plus, Alhoa

We take sunshine in capsules to show a radiant skin whether you have seen the rays or not.

Composed of beta-carotene, zinc, coconut oil, sunflower oil, copper and selenium, it boosts the natural production of melanin and gives a natural glow to the cheekbones with one capsule a day for two months.


Care Essence Agent Nateur, Holi (Water) Care Essence

To maintain a perfect, tanned complexion, there's nothing like moisturising.

At Happy Officine we're a big fan of Agent Nateur's hyaluronic acid, pearl powder and dragon fruit-based skincare essence (no less).

IIt slips on under the serum and once applied smoothes the features, brings radiance and moisturizes deeply. In addition, the gel texture of this treatment is light and refreshing and penetrates the skin quickly.


The serum Nuori, Sun Repair Serum

We told you about the care to put under the serum...and here are two serum solutions after your sun exposure.

The first one is from Nuori, it takes care of all those who have overdone their sunbathing. With its moisturising formula made up of aloe vera, camomile and vitamins C and E, it soothes redness and acts as a bandage, repairing damaged skin in depth.  


The mist Amly Botanicals, radiance boost

To get a multiplied radiance effect after using the Agent Nateur care essence, use (and abuse, it's for your own good ;)) this mist made of hyaluronic acids, moisturizers and protective probiotics.

It will deeply moisturise your skin, but also prevent the appearance of unpleasant spots due to changes in sun exposure. As a bonus, the orange blossom oil it contains gives it anti-ageing properties.


The oil Odacité, Jasmine Whisper Body Oil

We slip a drop of this deliciously composed oil of jasmine, jojoba and hemp oil on our body to nourish the skin in depth while sublimating our tan.

Its formula will also care for the dermis of those who have dry skin due to sun exposure. A real bandage of softness.