Our advice 

Oopsss...it's budding!

Spring does not only bloom on trees... The skin experiences the seasons as you do and has the annoying tendency to grow unsightly spots... But don't panic, here are our tips to keep admiring the trees blooming without wanting to look like them!

Why do we get pimples?

Whether you're past puberty or your first toddler, it doesn't matter: pimples can appear without warning. The reason? They form as a result of increased sebum production.

Sebum is not an enemy in the strict sense of the word, since it is basically an oily substance that the skin produces naturally to fight the cold and protect itself from the sun.

We're talking about sebum here, but there's also acne - which can appear as a result of hormonal imbalances or major stress, fatigue, allergy, infection, pollution... Yes, there are many causes, but the good news is that it's possible to prevent them with a few simple gestures!

Clean your skin thoroughly

The golden rule: to limit the appearance of pimples, we clean our skin in the morning and evening and, for those who do sport, we repeat the experience after the session. Why do you do this? Quite simply to eliminate the bacteria that have the annoying tendency to invite themselves into oily areas.

...And I can see where you're coming from: when I say clean your skin, I don't mean put your face under the tap.

Unfortunately, the latter is too aggressive and will not target your real needs. Those with sensitive skin will opt for milks and those with oily or combination skin will avoid them and opt instead for foaming products to be rinsed with water.

The thing we don't necessarily know is that our skin is made up of a kind of "acid mantle" which is intended to protect it from external aggression. These acids in our skin are the result of our metabolism, sebum, but also perspiration.

Unfortunately, lack of sleep, pollution and many other factors disturb this natural balance and the result is the arrival of small spots. The chemical exfoliant made from fruit acids allows a deep action on the cells and is effective without attacking your skin!

Increase the effect of the product tenfold by using a purifying mask once or twice a week. 

Moisturise and nourish the skin sufficiently

 Don't be fooled by preconceived ideas: just because you are prone to pimples doesn't mean you shouldn't nourish your skin!

On the contrary, applying a suitable skin care product helps to regulate its balance. Indeed, we tend to want to dry it out - which is not the solution, as these very aggressive products can often encourage the production of pimples.

But be careful, the beauty routine is not to be done any old way: the skin is cleaned, disinfected, moisturised first with a serum and then with a day/night care.

We also have a light hand on the quantity of products we use: there's no point in applying our cream as if we were slipping Nutella onto a slice of bread. Finally, a few tips: if you have oily skin, a light emulsion is a good solution. For dry skin, a highly moisturising and mattifying cream is best. 

Taking care of yourself!

Choosing the right beauty routine is not enough to prevent pimples, as a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in limiting the arrival of an army of spots.

We can't say it enough, but reddened skin is skin that communicates its unhappiness. Avoid greasy food (which is as bad for your body as it is for your skin), avoid smoking, skip the extra episode of your favourite series at 11.30pm and get some sleep!

Keep yourself sufficiently hydrated. I'm not going to give you the ten commandments of a healthy life, but let's just say that if you follow Gisele Bündchen's perfect life on Instagram and are jealous of her skin... you know what you have to do!

However, if you feel that the problem is hormonal, do not hesitate to consult your doctor who will refer you to an appropriate treatment.

It is therefore advisable to include a basic treatment consisting of niacinamide. An essential nutrient, it is naturally synthesised by the human body and plays a major role in all organs.

On the skin, it has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, a must-have for sunny days, choose a product with a sufficient sun protection factor (or apply a sun cream) to prevent your pimples from becoming nasty permanent scars once exposed to the sun.

The products we like:


Nuori, the Clarity Spot Anti-Imperfection Treatment to be applied on spots. 


Odacité, BI+C Pimples Serum, the purifying anti-imperfection serum


Lilfox, Amazon After Dark Cleansing Balm, the Kill Bill of make-up removal balms


Ma Thérapie, the detoxifying extract that works from within


Niu, sun cream SPF 50 which will protect the skin and avoid ugly permanent scars 


Susanne Kaufmann, Tonic Clarifying - Clarifying lotion that gently cleanses and tightens enlarged pores


Hygée Beauty, the powder that makes you feel good