Therapy from the Earth

Céline Julien is fascinated by the power of plants. The founder of Ma Thérapie grew up surrounded by nature and quickly became fascinated by the virtues that were at hand. After studying naturopathy and phytotherapy, she completed her knowledge by taking courses in aromatherapy and nutrition. From this apprenticeship was born the desire for organic, accessible and effective formulas... Ma Thérapie and her answer to give every woman access to beauty rituals that are good for her health and for the planet. Today she talks to us about the history of her brand.

Happy Officine: You grew up in contact with nature. You talk about theimportance of essences plant species and ofpower of plants. You recall-you some tips from family that you applied to daily (remedies àbased from herbal remediesetc.) and you continue to à apply ? 

Céline Julien: I always rely on infusions: from lemon verbena to chamomile to soothe me in the evening, to peppermint to digest. I was also fascinated by essential oils at a very young age, with a preference for lavender, orange and petitgrain bigarade. My grandfather used to make his own honey, and now my father has taken over. So the infusions of verbena with honey from Normandy still remind me of the sweetness of my childhood.


HO: You have studied both naturopathy as well as phytotherapy, laromatherapy and nutrition How do these differents different disciplines from of the medicine alternative medicine complement each other-they in theuniverse of the beauty?

CJ: They have allowed me to approach beauty in a holistic way. In naturopathy, we learn to balance the different systems of the body (digestive, nervous, hormonal, skin, etc.). Everything is connected. In therapy, the naturopath looks for the cause of the imbalance and accompanies it in a natural way. This is where aromatherapy and phytotherapy come in. These are tools, natural remedies to treat everyday ailments and to strive for balance, health and therefore beauty.


HO: Your brand, My therapytherapy, is born da intuition. How did everything a started ? How did you start?How did you start and what a was your first product?

CJ: The idea was born during my training. The teaching I received and the holistic approach of this discipline gave me the desire to create a concept that brings together the foundations and techniques of naturopathy. Then I set up my own practice and the practice, the work in the field, confirmed my desire to go further.

I launched 9 products at the same time, skincare and nutritional supplements. They have been designed with a global approach to the skin's essential needs.


"Ma Thérapie, is a beauty brand, but first and foremost a wellness concept."


HO: Why did you callé your brand ?

CJ: Because it subtly evokes the idea that beauty is not just about applying the right cream. It is a reflection of our balance and our inner self. Ma Thérapie is a beauty brand, but first and foremost a wellness concept. We share daily tips to help our community, our clients and our customers to rise and feel in harmony with themselves. This is the mission I have given myself by creating Ma Thérapie.


HO: How is your brand organic and artisanal? Tell us about the product design process?

CJ: We find our raw materials in organic cultures, the formulas are clean and between 99 and 100% natural and between 85 and 100% organic. We work with French laboratories that have manual manufacturing processes, they are human-sized structures with craftsmen who love their job and believe in natural and sustainable agriculture.


"We have chosen to eliminate the superfluous and to develop intelligent packaging. Our purple glass bottles are recyclable and we are gradually developing refills."


HO: It is also respectful of lenvironment. Tell us more!

CJ: We have chosen to eliminate the superfluous and to develop intelligent packaging. Our recyclable violet glass bottles are carefully chosen for their quality of conservation of the formulas. We are progressively developing refills, our packages are without over-packaging and we favour the use of recycled and recyclable materials such as 100% recycled paper and cardboard... In order to improve, we are constantly reflecting on these subjects which are important to us.


HO: At the heart of theœof your rituals are the essential needs of the skin. Can you explain them to us in more detail??

CJ: The beauty industry tends to create unnecessary needs. We wanted to get back to basics with simple formulas, rich in organic active ingredients, which respond in a natural, specific and respectful way to the real needs of the skin: cleansing, moisturising, nutrition, external and internal protection.


HO: Can you imagine melanges ofsmells often unexpected such as shea almond honey and coffee for your treatmentexfoliating. Dwhere you come fromnt these ideass?

CJ: I first choose the active ingredients for their properties, my strength is my knowledge of aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Then we refine and assemble them to give a theme whose olfactory alliance harmonises with the product's effectiveness. I love creating formulas, it's the part of my job that I enjoy the most. I am inspired by nature, by the earth, I need to be in contact with it to be able to find new ideas.


 HO: Do you have any news?é that you would like to us to reveal to us?

CJ: We will be releasing a new face serum at the end of the year.


HO: Finally, how would you like to complete yourto your range? What products do youdream-you to develop?

 CJ: We would really like to createproducts for spas and expand our range of beauty and wellness supplements.


L’interview Happy

HO: What is the time of the day?s day that you makes you happy?

CJ: Breakfast. 

HO: The song that makes you happy?

CJ: Seabird - Alessi, I listen to it very loudly in my car while driving around the Alpilles.

HO: The quote that makes you happy?

CJ: Joy is power, let's cultivate it! From Delphine Desneiges (@deedeeparis).

HO: The people who give you a huge happy feeling?

CJ: My children!

HO: The three places on this planetplanet that make you happy?

CJ: My house in Provence, the island of Es Vedrá near Ibiza, the Japanese restaurant Soma in Paris.

HO: THEactivity that you makes you happy?

CJ: Walking in the Alpilles.