I tested the radiance day cream from On The Wild Side

This week, the daring and intrepid daredevil that I am did not hesitate to give everything to test for you the radiant day cream signed On The Wild Side, to help you make your opinion on it!

The aim of this treatment 

We chose to test this cult organic day cream for its dreamy promises: It is non-greasy but nourishing just as it should be, can be applied morning and evening if desired and is suitable for all skin types.

Its promise ? To regenerate, revitalise and rehydrate the skin.

What is it made of?

100% organic, vegan and without preservatives or other synthetic ingredients, it is made in France in a short circuit.

Moreover, the brand On The Wild Side , created by Anne-Sophie Nardy, has a benevolent approach towards nature and humans, since the plants used in its care products come from ancestral wild harvesting practices.

The radiance day cream is composed of a complex of fresh plant oils, but also of wakame, a Japanese seaweed with exceptional anti-ageing properties.

It also contains aloe vera, this plant is known to help eliminate dead cells, camelina oil which brings elasticity to the skin, camomile water to improve the radiance of the skin and olive ester oil which nourishes and restructures the skin.

How did I find it?

First of all, I liked its texture: both creamy and light, it leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin. Another good point is its quick penetration while leaving a powdery finish. while leaving a powdery finish.

To the nose, I also find it very interesting: a light sweet smell, not at all intoxicating, but which takes you to a nice country field.

Close your eyes, feel the breeze and imagine the design of the formula made of multiple benefitsI tested it over a week and as I am a big slacker sometimes (yes, I am), I used it morning and evening to see if it was really suitable for these two uses.

I was quite bluffed I must say, here is its evolution on my skin during this time:

The first two days, I felt that it really worked on the hydration and luminosity of the skin.

As soon as I applied it, I found that the healthy glow had returned after the undertaker's face I had been wearing for a while due to stress and fatigue.

I wanted to look at myself in the mirror again, that's how much.! On the other hand, I am always very wary of multi-use creams (morning and evening).

The needs of the day's cycles are not the same and I always feel that the care that does both is missing something. For the first time in a long time, this was not the case!

When I woke up, my skin was hydrated, fresh and regenerated.

After three days, I found that the elasticity of the skin and the anti-ageing effect were additional benefits of this treatment. Indeed, my features were more relaxed, my fine lines were reduced and my skin was more plump.

In short, I really enjoyed testing the day cream On the Wild Side which lives up to its name: glow!

I find it easy to use for all those in a hurry and those who don't like beauty routines that exceed... two products!

However, I recommend that you clean your skin well before applying it, in order to multiply its benefits.! Soft and pleasant to wear, it's a safe bet to apply without moderation! (well yes, a dab ;)).